On any project, finishing quickly and efficiently is key, but this is especially true when products are assembled overseas then wired on the job site. Suddenly, it becomes a tremendous expense (and hardship) to try to get the correct pieces to the correct technician when everything could have been avoided by having a detailed plan in place and by going above and beyond in drawings.

On this episode, Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, speaks with Danny Sasseville, CTS-D AIA, vice president of project engineering at Constant Technologies, about the importance of detailed and engineered AV system design documents, and why they’re crucial for a unique design.

For starters, Sasseville mentions the importance of pre-sales communication with the clients’ architects and designers. Asking lots of questions helps the provider determine whether they are giving the consumer what he or she wants and needs, and that all the purchased gear will be accurate and efficiently used.

The next key to success is detailed drawings. Sasseville explains how, during his time in the AV industry, he noticed there wasn’t a standard for the quality of design documents. He decided to change that at Constant Technologies, and singlehandedly introduced the Architectural and AV system design and engineering department. Now at the company, design engineers and installers must have correct specifications, know whether the resolution and cable quality can support the distance limitations, and detail all of the minutia in the drawings.

Quality design documents don’t just make the process easier; they save time and money. Scaling and testing the client’s hardware will no longer, and should never have been, tested on the load-in day. Proactivity, like applying “cable labels” to each individual piece of gear, is what’s helping elevate companies like Constant Technologies to a more efficient future in AV.

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