one company's take on simplifying AV

In this episode of Video Vices with Contemporary Research, host Sean Heath sat down with Nelson Solares, sales executive at Contemporary, to discuss the company’s approach to tried-and-true pro AV technology that’s well-made and affordable. Solares and Heath also address the growing AV over IP trend, which admittedly can be a shiny object to chase.

“Our take is that [AV over IP] shouldn’t be so difficult,” Solares said.

That’s why Dallas-based Contemporary Research takes a user-friendly approach. When it comes to Pro AV solutions, companies can choose to either put things in layman’s terms or make things complicated so that customers have to call their rep if something goes wrong.

“We’re the product that wants to be really user-friendly and integrator friendly,” he said.

When combatting shiny object syndrome, it’s helpful to remember the basics — plug, play, and get to work. “That’s what’s great about Contemporary Research. We’ve done the heavy lifting — giving you the encoders, decoders, and the software — and you just need to plug it in and configure it for you,” Solares said.

Contemporary Research’s products are recognized for their durability and quality because they’re made in the United States.

“We’ve managed to keep all the manufacturing in the USA, which customers love, especially customers from other countries,” Solares said. “And then they learn they can have a quality product and save money, they get blown away.”

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