How do traditional brick & mortar retail stores compete with online? The product is no longer enough to entice today’s shoppers; the experience is what can sell customers into shopping in a physical environment. With the Servicescape playing an ever-increasing role in the retail, restaurant, and healthcare space, play can be a key factor.

Host Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, and his guest, Jim Turner, the digital marketing manager for PlayPower, Inc. kicked off the debut episode of PLAYTIME’s The Playground Podcast with a discussion on the evolving role of the retail shopping experience. Turner walked Litwin through the roll play spaces have traditionally held in the marketplace, and how they are evolving to meet the needs of the 21st Century shopper.

“A lot of different retailers right now are trying to recreate their stores, and how those brick & mortar stores are actually seen by the customer,” Turner said.

Creating a unique customer experience is the name of the game, and is PLAYTIME’s driving focus. Its aim is to capture the attention economy of the kids shopping with their parents. It’s more than just shopping to PLAYTIME; it’s about creating memories attached to the retail shopping experience.

Turner also mentioned several examples of what retail stores such as Nordstrom and Nike have been doing to create unique user experiences for their customers. And how can retailers use virtual reality to enhance the user experience? Turner’s example of what some cosmetics retailers are doing with this technology provided a unique take on how traditional retail lines are utilizing the in-store experience to provide what online cannot.

This premier episode of The Playground Podcast sets the stage for more deep dives on utilizing play to stimulate the experience economy.

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