There is a tendency to only remember the negative side of our struggles in both business and life. The fact is, there are just as many positives we can learn from during those same struggles. Today, MarketScale Host Sean Heath had an opportunity to speak with Jackie Werblo, Head Coach at CONVEX Leadership. Jackie shared the dramatic story of someone who had a career disappointment that almost destroyed her. They discussed the benefits of struggle, choosing to grow from the challenges, and how you can give yourself permission to bounce forward to success. (Also, Sean found another excuse to eat an entire box of donuts.)

“We all know people who are a bit of ‘woe is me.’ And then we know people who, every time you ask them how they are, they will say they are “fantastic,'” Werblo said. “That person who says ‘fantastic’ may have an inner voice saying ‘ehhh, maybe not today,’ but they are going to say they’re ‘fantastic,’ because they know if they believe it, good things will happen to them.”

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