Jim Sellers says

All businesses large and small are in a constant battle to improve their return on investment, in search of ways to invest their resources and generate the highest possible returns. Marketers in particular are held to a high standard for demonstrating the effectiveness of their programs to executive management. Intalytics—widely known and respected for enabling multi-unit operators to make smart real estate decisions—also helps businesses make the most of their marketing budget, by bringing massive data to bear on informing and answering critical business questions.

In this podcast, Jim Sellers, Senior Director of Marketing Solutions at Intalytics, explains one approach to help marketers at multi-unit brands improve their ROI. He outlines how to find the “Value Gap”—the difference between a location’s current performance and its potential performance. The larger the gap, the more revenue is being left on the table.

With the insights available from massive data sets, predictive analytics, and geo-spatial expertise, businesses can quantify that Value Gap at every one of their locations, and then allocate their marketing and other resources accordingly. Sellers says “It’s simply about fishing where the fish are. Your return on investment will improve when you have a fact base to help direct your resources to those areas of greatest opportunity”.

This isn’t simply another big data play. While data is important, according to Sellers “It’s not about the data, it’s about the insights the data provides.” By compiling and analyzing customer data, and then applying predictive models to find brand’s “Value Gap,” Intalytics helps its client build smart marketing campaigns–honing in on opportunity, and efficiently taking action for optimum return.

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