On the latest episode of the MarketScale Retail podcast, we were joined by Olga Yurovski, Champion of the shopper marketer, and 15 year veteran of the Consumer Packaged Goods industry with some of the industries biggest names.

In addition to her work in the CPG marketing world, Olga is the creator of the innovative marketing software, Shopperations. Olga talks with us about the frustrations of not having the same access to data as the other teams in the company…. And then doing something about it.

We also learn about automation meeting personalization, balancing old-school creative with new school data creation, and glorifying the marketer who finds a way to get as much ROI from a campaign as possible, not just through emotional response, but through the numbers.

For more information on Shopperations be sure to check out Shopperations.com!

For Olga’s blog with her updates on the shopper marketing landscape, click this link.