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Is it Just a Matter of Time Before Amazon Rules the World?

What is the future of the retail industry? Two things we can say with confidence is that Amazon figures to be around for a while and pro AV will continue to play a big role in the industry. This week’s episode takes a look at these two items with guests Bryan Eisenberg from Buyer Legends and Brad Grimes from Avixa.


Are Brands Too Late to the Recycling Party?

Brands are jumping on the trend of adopting recyclable plastic, but are they too late? On this week’s episode of the MarketScale Retail Podcast, we spoke to Michigan State University professor Ramani Narayan about the impact that plastic waste has had on the environment up to this point and the effect that this change will have.


JCPenney's Identity Crisis

The struggles of once giant retailers like JCPenney and Sears have been well documented, but what’s behind these massive dips for these companies? This week’s episode of the MarketScale Retail Show takes a look at what’s fueling JC Penney’s identity crisis. We also take a look at Saks Fifth Avenue and ask if they’re immune to market shifts or consequences for bucking the latest trends.


MarketScale Retail 02/04/19: Super Bowls & Super Avatars

Today’s guests on the MarketScale Retail Podcast Show, Roland Memisevic and MarketScale’s own Geoff Short, discuss two “super” aspects of retail: the use of intelligent avatars in brick-and-mortar stores, and the annual impact of the Super Bowl on the industry. Quite uniquely, retail is being affected by future trends even as it continues to feel an impact from half-century old traditions.


MarketScale Retail 01/28/19: Experience is Everything; What Will Lead the Charge?

NRF 2019 was an eye-opening way to start the year, and laid out a vision for what trends and tech to look out for. We got a good sense for what Retail was looking for in 2019 during out Walking NRF video with Melissa Gonzalez and Nichole Leinbach Reyhle: “Everything is an experience, and experience is everything.” This idea is our theme for today’s podcast as we break down a tech tool and a trendy theme for brick-and-mortar stores; we not only get more insight into the mix that is Retail and Pro AV, but we get even more thought leadership from our frequent collaborator Melissa Gonzalez, who looks to Lululemon as a staple for creative, in-store experiences.


MarketScale Retail 01/21/19: The Impact of NRF 2019, Retail's Big Show

Ready to catch up on what was trending at NRF 2019? This year’s big Retail show was full of innovation, offering retailers lots of choices when it comes to optimizing customer experiences, whether online or in store. There are lots of tech solutions—including robots— out there for retailers, and finding the ones that best fit their goals and business model can be tricky. We talked to the experts on the show floor to gather some intel on what next move retailers will make, and we also had the chance to speak to retail expert Bryan Eisenberg about his thoughts post-show. All of this and more in this NRF-themed episode of the Retail Podcast.


MarketScale Retail: NRF Tuesday Update

NRF 2019 is in full swing and MarketScale’s Chief Digital Editor Geoff Short is in the middle of it. He joined the podcast to recap what he saw and experienced at the retail industry’s big show for 2019.

The MarketScale team received a hands-on explanation of frictionless payment and how the industry is tackling potential security concerns. “The industry is wide awake to [security] threats, it’s just a question of how to implement these kinds of things,” Short said.

Geoff and the MarketScale team have a big day ahead of them as they wrap up the show. Make sure to keep up with the latest from NRF 2019 by following our live blog.


MarketScale Retail: NRF Monday Update

With the first day of NRF under his belt, MarketScale’s Chief Digital Editor Geoff Short joined the podcast to provide an update of what he has seen so far. He marveled at the advancements in in facial recognition technology, talked about his favorite booth so far, and provided an update on whether or not he has eaten one of those famous New York hot dogs.

He also talked about the various ways that retailers are approaching the challenge of creating a memorable customer experience inside brick and mortar stores. “There’s a lack of consensus about experience,” Short said. “I know that’s something that everyone who has read a single article on retail in the last couple years knows is sort of the overhanging cloud.”

It will be interesting to see how this continues to play out over the course of the show. Keep following along with MarketScale’s coverage for all of the latest coming out of NRF in New York City.


The MarketScale NRF Preview Podcast

MarketScale’s Chief Digital Editor Geoff Short joined Tyler Kern in the podcast studio to preview NRF, the biggest retail trade show of the year. The show takes place January 13th through the 15th in New York City. Geoff is heading up to “The Big Apple” as part of MarketScale’s comprehensive coverage of the show.

Can traditional brick and mortar retail locations keep up with the world of e-commerce? Will the trend of frictionless payments continue to take off in 2019? Follow along with all of Geoff Short’s coverage on the MarketScale Retail industry page.


Retail 01/07/19: A Good 2018 and a Bright 2019

The future of retail is bright, according to industry analysts Stephanie Sullivan and Tony D’Onofrio. Both agree that the economy is driving the retail boom, especially the fantastic holiday sales. However, innovation is also acting as a major disruptor. What this means for the retail industry as a whole, as well as specific sectors within the industry, are investigated in these two fascinating interviews.


Retail 12/24: The Holiday Retail Rush

It’s that time of the year when the retail industry gets put under the microscope. Shopping malls are bustling and online marketplaces are full of shoppers. Technology is pushing the customer experience forward like never before. On this week’s episode of the MarketScale Retail podcast, we took a look at some of the big trends of 2018 and what might be coming down the road in 2019.


Retail 12/14: Buyer's Remorse

It’s the time of year when retail gets brought into the forefront of the national consciousness. Today’s episode of the MarketScale Retail Podcast tackles some of the big issues facing the industry: returns, diversification, and employee management.

Three thought leaders from the industry join this week’s episode to share their expertise on these topics.


Retail, 12/7: Finding Your Place in the Industry

Finding your place in the retail industry is an important part of carving out an identity and charting a path for success. That can mean finding the correct location for a physical building, or carving out a piece of the market alongside heavy hitters like Amazon. On this week’s episode of the MarketScale Retail Podcast, we’re going to talk to two people who are experts in helping retailers find their space, both in a physical and technological sense.


MarketScale Retail 11/23/18: Black Friday 2018

On today’s episode of the MarketScale Retail Show, we’re looking at Black Friday 2018. Things have changed over the last few years in Retail, and Black Friday hasn’t been left out. With industry giants like Amazon overtaking e-commerce, consumers have found year-round ways to save money. With Black Friday losing it’s intrigue, what is a shopper looking for, and how should brick-and-mortar stores attract customers into their stores? We have all that in more, with two features from branding experts in Retail; Jennifer Ruscin, CEO and Owner of Jennifer Kaylo Ruscin Enterprises, explains best practices for staying profitable in a season that demands deals, and Stephenie Sullivan, Owner of Sully Consult, helps us define the Black Friday shopper of today, and what it will take to get them engaged.