David Salisbury from Star Micronics discusses important factors retailers should be focusing on during this technological shift in the shopping experience. He points out that retailers must consider ways technology can help provide more knowledge about their business and ultimately guide them to more profits.

Salisbury believes multi-channel shopping keeps retailers from missing out on opportunities to sell, as an e-commerce store starts where the physical doors close. By bringing physical stores and e-commerce business together, it is not about how customers are shopping, but that they are shopping with your business. “Fundamentally, it’s looking at technology not for technology’s sake,” Salisbury said. He discusses the three major factors he believes make a business––location, inventory and staff.

He also shares how technology can provide a better staff and customer experience by utilizing Star Micronics printers. These printers allow businesses to “promo print” for free, and you are able to control what prints at your store from any remote location. This allows businesses to share promotional content without training staff, ensuring each customer is receiving the message they want.

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