On Air: Tips for Bridging the Gender Gap in STEM

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Fresh off of last year’s much-discussed all-woman spacewalk, we’re looking toward the 2020s as a decade in which women will continue to shoot for the stars. However, the tech field has some significant catching up to do.

We’re all worse off when women are under represented in the tech world. Here’s how we can all work together to shape the next decade into one that includes more women in STEM roles. True inspiration outlasts temporary spectacle, and women need to see real role models recognized for their contributions to science and technology.

One thing we need to do to ensure that the 2020s result in an expansion of women’s representation in STEM is to encourage more women to gain the education they need in order to develop tech skills. We do that by more widely publicizing stories about women in science.

Educational initiatives need to bridge the gap between academic and professional opportunities to encourage more women to make the jump from their college or university into the tech workforce. The last several years have seen a string of high-profile incidents where prominent brands faced accusations of toxic company culture.

Companies need to focus on improving inclusivity and making sure their culture is a safe and supportive space for women. We can get this right, and make the 2020s the decade that closes the gender gap in tech.

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