MarketScale Software & Technology 02/01/2019: Can AI Tell Naughty from Nice?

In the futuristic movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise, the protagonist (played by Cruise) is able to see actions before they happen through a complex system of dreams and technology. This obviously leans strongly towards the fiction side of the science fiction genre, but the movie raises the question of what you would do if you could see a person’s actions before they committed them.

What Ben Taylor at ZIFF is trying to accomplish is to utilize AI to determine a person’s motives. Essentially, can AI tell naughty from nice? We asked him on this week’s episode of the MarketScale Software & Technology podcast.


MarketScale Software & Technology 01/25/19: Construction Site Security & FAA Drone Regulations

Coming off of CES and NRF, two of the biggest trade shows of the year (and it’s only January!), we’re already deep in the trenches of innovative technology that’s going to take the world by storm in 2019. With everything from giant quadcopters, to wearhouse management softwares and robots, to engine-monitoring fluid and sensors, we’re on the cusp of innovation constantly. For this episode of the Software & Technology Podcast Show, we didn’t want to do more exciting tech highlights. Instead, we took a step back to look at how industries are being affected by some of that tech, and more concretely, how that tech is integrating with the world around it. In essence, today’s episode is all about cause and effect.


MarketScale Software & Technology CES Recap

Daniel Litwin returned from CES 2019 and joined Tyler Kern in the MarketScale podcast studio to talk about everything he saw at one of the largest trade shows in the world. If you missed the show, this is your chance to get caught up on all of the incredible innovations in the world of software and tech.

Daniel takes a dive into all of his favorite tech from the show, including a table tennis playing robot, a modern take on classic arcade games, and a company that says they’re charting the future of retail.

“What I really loved about that show is that, even though a lot of it was aimed at the consumer…the back end of all of the technology is very B2B and it’s transforming industries as a whole,” Litwin said. He went on to say that two of the most well-represented industries were transportation and retail.


MarketScale Software & Technology Live Podcast at CES 2019

MarketScale went live in Las Vegas for CES 2019 this week, with Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, hosting a two hour podcast with industry leaders giving us a firsthand look at the latest innovations in the software and technology world.

lick on the following time-stamps for live interviews with representatives from these leading companies:

13:00: Patrick Santucci, Product Manager for DJI, discussing their newest enterprise products and giving his thoughts on the 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act.

32:36: ‘Cam’s Corner’, fun CES observations from our own Cameron Cooper.

43:33: Philippe Vigneau, VP of Business Development for Transatel, shedding light on why car manufacturers are moving to become telecom players in order to provide car connectivity services.

01:18:15: Nadia Giuliani, COO of Next Industries, showcasing their new product “Tactigon Skin,” and why simulated reality may beat out virtual reality as the most practical “reality” technology.

01:42:14: Jerome Loubert, Director of Business Development for FlexFuel Energy Development, showcases how hyrdrogen technology will keep consumer and commercial vehicles cleaner, more efficient and more reliable.


MarketScale Software & Technology 12/21/18: Apple's Big Move to Texas

Today’s Software & Technology podcast show explores big moves in the industry, literally and figuratively. Apple’s expansion to Austin, Texas, the struggles of choosing a college, bringing cryptocurrency to an untapped market; the industry is chalk-full of boundary-pushers, and we catalog three of the most exciting ones.

For our first feature, MarketScale Host Elmer Guardado broke down all the news about Apple’s new $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas. Part of its larger effort to create new jobs and facilities in the United States, the new Austin campus hopes to bring thousands of jobs to the area in the next three years. How big will the facility be? How does the local government feel about the move? And why did Apple pick Austin? Elmer answered all these questions and explored the news from both national and local angles to create a full understanding of Apple’s big announcement.


MarketScale Software & Technology 12/13/18: How Today's Software is Keeping Businesses Compliant and Ethical

On today’s episode, we pose some “how” questions for you, and we’re sure by the end of the show you’ll have all the answers. First question: How can you best stay ahead of regulations and compliance in the cannabis production industry? It’s a growing industry, and growth creates strain. We chat with Washington-based Sugarleaf to shed some light on the unique back-end for weed growers, and why they need software to handle the whole process, seed to sale.

Another question: How can banks and other financial service companies use data and technology to their advantage to offer customers new innovative services and products? Cesare Fracassi, associate professor at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, gives us his take, peering into the current state of FinTech.

Last question: How do you bring AI to your business in an ethical manner? The ethics of AI are crucial, especially in the corporate world; listen to Ben Taylor, Chief AI Officer for ZIFF Inc., break down what biases creep their way into your algorithms, and how to avoid them.

I promise this episode is going to be one of our most educational, so take this actionable insight and apply it to your business, whether you’re in finance, cannabis production, or practically any vertical.


MarketScale Software & Technology 12/06/18: Authenticity in the Mainframe

Today’s episode hits on two different aspects of the tech world, but each is centered on up and coming companies led by stars who are motivated by and passionate for technology. We will hear from Zac Cherin, co-founder of Secret Sauce, who tells us of the tech exodus from Silicon Valley, and why it’s bringing more opportunities to young aspiring tech professionals. But first is Rayne Steinberg, CEO of Arca, who gives us a great look at his blend between cryptocurrency and traditional financing to try to create a digital financial standard.