MarketScale was on the ground in Las Vegas this week to catch up with the top brands, innovators and technology providers at CES 2019. Everything from retailers to automotive and health care companies were on hand and every industry came prepared with exciting products.

Digital camera provider Nikon showed us its latest camera technology, which included a quicker 14mm lens with the ability to include filters. It has also improved the material on its lenses.

Video games always attract a crowd, but Arcade1Up came to CES with more compact products that have the flexibility to be mounted on walls and other surfaces.

John Deere is bringing AI to the farm with its new S700 Combine, the latest model in its fleet. The company’s implementation of AI and IoT technologies has propelled the agriculture industry into a new era.

Overall, every piece of technology was impressive and it takes more than 60 seconds to get the full scope of how these products will transform the world.