In this episode of the Software & Technology podcast, we’re joined by Shaun Stuger, General Manager of Business Development and Services at Braxton Technologies, LLC. Braxton Technologies provides satellite ground systems, command and control, and secure data distribution solutions for government and commercial clients.

Stuger explains that to stand out in the aerospace field, especially as a software solution provider for government and military operations, you need to bring speed to market and low costs, as low as a tenth of the cost when compared to competitors.

“We look for excellence across everything that we do: It’s the people, the products and services that we provide, the reciprocities that we have in place, and I think when you look at the comprehensive nature of everything that we’re trying to do from all those areas, it really does provide an ecosystem where we can bring all of those pieces together,” said Stuger on how Braxton Technologies works to bring down prices and provide a great product.

The fact that Braxton tech products are needed “to protect and serve our nation” drives their desire for excellence at all levels, but also requires a partnership with their customers to ensure that they are providing the customer service needed to ensure the success of their products—and of their customer’s products and services as well. The result? Thirty percent growth in 2018 alone.

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