The year is young but things are already moving fast so let’s get caught up. We’ve covered the holiday retail spend, and now its time for the holiday retail returns.

CNBC reports that January 2 is the busiest day for holiday returns in the U.S. Initial forecasts from UPS stated the company expected to ship 1.9 million items back to U.S. retailers on that day alone.

It’s a very busy week on the trade show calendar. CES leads the way, starting on Tuesday. Topics include updates in 5G, wellness, esports and smart devices.

MarketScale will be in Las Vegas at the event, so stay tuned for more coverage all week.

Speaking of Las Vegas, the city will become the second where Uber users will be able to order a bus ticket through the ridesharing company’s app.

While a departure from the company’s core business, it sees the move as a way for more engagement with its app. It will also increase awareness among users of its other offerings like scooters and meal deliveries.

That’s what’s going on to start 2020, remember to check in next time for all the latest news in B2B.