Whether you look at Warby Parker, Marriott, or Sony, it’s clear that no matter the size, every company is susceptible to bad actors. It’s this very real concern that drives companies like Telarus to educate their clients on these risks. Having a secure data network is more than just encryptions and software; it’s a cultural shift for a company. This means a layered, constant approach to security, engaging stakeholders in initiatives, and planting seeds for future security measures.

Josh Lupresto, Vice President of Sales Engineering for Telarus, joined us on the podcast to give an insider perspective on what clients are looking for in their cybersecurity. MarketScale host Tyler Kern asks the questions: how does each partner present a different and unique challenge, and are any two solutions the same? What innovations do you see coming down the road that will have an impact on the industry? Lupresto explains in detail, giving tips on how other providers should approach the client relationship process when tasked with protecting their sensitive data.

“Everyone has the end goal how do we make money, how do we become more efficient, how do we improve our aging technology. But sometimes how we get there, the journey for each of those is different and the timeline is different,” Lupresto said.

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