Considering the attention lavished on them this week in Las Vegas, one would think that Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have the digital assistant market sewn up. But the competitive playing field is far more complex and dynamic than that.

As can be seen by the activity at CES, Google indeed is on a roll. Buoyed by robust worldwide adoption of their Android operating system, the company reported that Google Assistant is on track to be preinstalled on 1 billion shipped devices by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, recent research indicates that Apple Siri, which is on all iOS smartphones, tablet and other gadgets, currently has an installed base of 500 million devices. For its part, Microsoft Cortana, which comes with Windows 10 and other platforms, is on more than 400 million devices. Furthermore, Samsung is projecting that its Bixby digital assistant will come preinstalled on about 500 million of its Galaxy smartphones and other devices by next year.

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