Change machines are more sophisticated than they were 10 years ago. Paper money was only exchanged for coins at that time, and the technology was much simpler. Today, change machines are dispensing more than just coins; they can dispense paper bills, too. Equipped with microprocessors that determine what bills are accepted, they are also able to assess whether or not a bill is counterfeit before dispensing change, saving companies the hassle of recouping lost revenue. With these advances, having an awareness of security measures in change machines is important. Businesses should consider taking extra precautions to protect their resources by investing in a quality change machine from a company with a strong reputation.

Internal Security Measures Stop Counterfeiters

Today’s bill validators are intricately designed to spot fake currency. Using LED lights, bills are broken down by an optical sensor that determines the denomination based on its light patterns. This comparison of reflected light patterns to a stored memory, along with conductivity and magnetic properties that are assessed, determines the authentic from fake tender, and dispenses accordingly.

With coins, legitimacy can’t be determined using light, so more practical approaches are incorporated into the security design. Weight, size, diameter, speed, and magnetic properties are all used in a series of tests within the coin acceptor, so each coin is investigated before determining if it is a slug or a real coin.

External Durability Prevents Tampering

A machine that’s built as well as it sorts bills and change is also an important security factor. Heavy gauge steel cabinets with no rivets or weld spots, alarm kits with vibration detection are important security factors that deter thieves and reduce tampering.

Change machines aren’t going anywhere. Making sure your company is using a brand that is reliable, well-built, and tamper-resistant helps your company avoid possible revenue losses and “encourage” counterfeiters to move on from your business.

A Strong Reputation

Standard Change-Makers change machine designs provide a basic security in the way they are designed. If your business location requires some additional security – Standard can provide some optional features that increase the security of the machine. Medeco Lock Plug upgrades that make the t-handle lock more secure; Alarm Kits that have sirens and contacts that allow owners to connect the change machine to their building alarm as well are a few examples.

Since 1955, Standard Change-Makers, Inc. has been a leader in the design, manufacture, and technical support of change machines. Our reputation for making change machines that support your daily operations—and last for years—means that you get a full return on investment when you buy a machine from us.  For a complete list of our secure change machines, check out our website for all of our featured products!