By raven, by horseback, by iPhone…what do radio bandwidth and Game of Thrones have in common? We make the connection on this episode of Recalibrate by Samsung Networks. Tackling global communications and the impact of volumetric imagery are thought leaders and experts Reid Estreicher of Samsung B2B Marketing, Dr. Simon Lok, CTO of RGNets, and Ray Couey of Samsung B2B.

What is the future of radio and bandwidth? Where are global communications headed? One thing is for sure, said Dr. Lok. “[It is] impossible to solve all communication problems with one tech.”

Communication is diverse. It can be lengthy or brief and can travel short distances and far. Sending a variety of information types is done through “…an ecosystem, a diversity of different types of radio tech,” said Dr. Lok. These various technologies, covered on the podcast, are essential for covering different communications.

Our guests pontificate on how when one form of communication makes great strides, others follow. In short, “high tide floats all ships,” said Couey. The three will explore and help you understand the value of “K,” the unlimited capabilities of volumetric imagery, and absorb the meaning of WLAN.

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