On this episode of our Software & Electronics Podcast, we get to chat with Michael Dowgert, Vice President of Sales at CropX. Farming, one of the cornerstones of the United States economy, is an industry that is constantly innovating. Whether it be a new farming technique, an irrigation innovation, or a new piece of tech to improve crop yields, the world of commercial farming is changing every day. From genetics to fertilizer, Michael delves into the “Internet of Soil” and how data can help to better manage your farming business. It offers advanced adaptive irrigation software service that delivers crop yield increase, and water and energy cost saving services while conserving the environment. The company also generates irrigation maps and automatically applies the right amount of water to different parts of the same field.

Tech is changing the way farmers are approaching their crops, soil, and best practices. With the help of data points and analytics, farmers are becoming more informed and can make adjustments on a micro-scale to improve crop health, water usage, and overall yields. With that being said, companies like CropX are changing the landscape and paving the way for smarter, faster, more data-driven agricultural approach to an industry that is quick to adopt new trends and innovations.

For more information on CropX be sure to check out their website www.cropx.com!

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