On this episode of Recalibrate with Samsung, RGNets CTO Dr. Simon Lok and Samsung B2B Mobile Marketing’s Reid Estreicher from Samsung Networks joined the conversation to discuss the future of workspaces. The company is currently working on how its core products can work with each other to provide a new experience in a professional environment.

For example, the Samsung DeX can turn a Samsung Note 9 into a personal computer.

“By plugging my Samsung Note 9 into DeX, and users can have a desktop experience. Use the mobile device as a mouse and keyboard or use a Bluetooth keyboard. So, the question and challenge from Reid was, what can be done with this?’,” Lok said.

The company is focused on the possibility of a truly portable workspace for the individual.

“The DeX is highly usable in an environment where a user can take the phone to any screen like an office,” Estreicher noted. “But what about the individual user who needs a more portable workspace?”

Lok is excited about this possibility, and he added one more tool to the scenario—a pocket projector.

“With the smartphone, pocket projector, and DeX, I have everything literally in my pocket to create a workspace. So, I did on an airplane. With the pocket projector, I was able to project about a 40” screen. So, of course, there was interest,” he said.

Staying with the environment on the plane, security is a concern.

“There were also infrastructure devices that could be infiltrated like the in-flight entertainment. The ultimate answer a true secure portable workspace is a private network for all,” Estreicher offered.

This concern is not limited to transportation though. It will affect infrastructure in general in any industry.

“Most networks haven’t been ‘architected’ well, meaning they were built ad hoc. Nobody’s going back to enhance or strengthen it. It becomes too cost prohibitive, and most people don’t want to be the person to wave their hand. There’s such a leap frog that needs to happen in some many networks for them to be efficient, secure, and fast,” Lok said.

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