In a sea of technological innovation, it can be hard to stick out. At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, MarketScale was in search of the companies and products that are on the verge of transforming several industries. These displays in particular caught our eye:

DJI Enterprise

DJI, a leader in the drone industry, has been winning at CES with a product that is meant for the ground. It’s Osmo Pocket handheld camera with stabilized gimbal allows users to capture flawless footage on the move.

Malta the Psycho VR

Many industries are still only learning how to utilize virtual reality to improve business. At CES 2019, Malta the Psycho is showcasing everything VR can achieve. From a roller coaster simulation to immersive gaming, this technology is poised to continue its breakout.


Segway kept CES on the move by showcasing its Ninebot lineup. Visitors to its exhibit were able to check out everything from the Segway KickScooter to the GoKart Kit as well as Loomo, a new mobile AI sidekick. Loomo uses advanced computer vision which allows the mobile assistant to follow its user around if he or she chooses to get off the device and walk.

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung did not publicly debut its much-anticipated foldable cell phone on the main stage at CES, but the company still had a tantalizing exhibition. Everything from a DJ booth to VR racing controlled by Galaxy phones gripped attendees’ attention and made for an interactive experience with Samsung’s newest products.


Automation is being implemented in almost every industry, and now ping pong can be added to the list. Omron’s AI-enabled table tennis tutor was one of the most impressive pieces of technology on the show floor. ‘Forpheus’ has been turning attendees’ heads with its natural reflexes and elite use of machine learning.

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