Data, data, and more data. It’s what allows businesses to make informed decisions and optimize the customer experience. To expand on this, we sat down again with Kevin Levi, Vice President of Marketing for OrecX, a call recording company. You’ve heard him on the Software & Technology Podcast before; we discussed the overall value of call recording and which positions, from customer service to CEOs, could find value in consistent call recording. This time around, we go into greater detail about the value it can provide in the worlds of sales and marketing.

“I think we’ve entered into a new era. This technology isn’t necessarily brand new, but the adoption rate continues to grow, so companies are starting to really see the value in analyzing their customer interactions,” Levi said. He not only explains the benefits it provides in both sales and marketing, but how to maximize and follow through on the best practices for each. In addition, he also breaks down why some companies are still feeling trepidations when it comes to gathering and analyzing this kind of data.

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