Stories have been used throughout the course of human civilization for many different purposes. They’ve been used to pass down traditions, entertain the masses, and teach lessons, to name a few.

As technology has advanced through the years, the way we communicate narratives has changed, as well. Homer’s tradition of oral storytelling has given way to earbuds and podcasts. These new methods still hold the power to powerful messages to the masses.

Brittney Effner, Account Manager at MarketScale, joins this episode of the podcast to talk about the marketing power of narrative podcasts. “A lot of people work every single day and don’t realize what they know and how unique that knowledge is,” she says. This knowledge can be packaged in a way that tells the story of a company, communicates the purpose behind their work, and explains why their company is unique.

“The way we’re promoting your company is not by creating a 30-second ad, but really trying to find that story about your company that engages the audience to dive deeper into what your company does and who your brand is,” Brittney says. What story can your company tell?

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