Have you ever had one of those conversations that you were enjoying so much that you didn’t realize how much time had passed? That’s what it was like to talk to Erin Patton about his days working with Michael Jordan and what he’s doing now with AMPlifi Sports. The conversation went longer than we initially anticipated so we decided to release it as a bonus episode for people to enjoy it its entirety.

From Working With Jordan to Revolutionizing Youth Sports

Erin Patton is the Founder of AMPlifi Sports and the former Global Director for the Jordan Brand under Nike. We began the podcast by talking about his days working at Nike and what it was like to work with Michael Jordan.

He recounts the first time he met Jordan in his trailer while they were filming a commercial, recalling how squeaky his voice got as he introduced himself. He also explained how integrally involved Michael Jordan was in the overall process of creating the design of the shoes and the implementation of the brand strategy.

Patton also explained how being from a rough area of Pittsburgh contributed to his work ethic and business sense. “I learned how to do more with less to the extent that less became more in being efficient and outsmarting the competition,” Erin says. This connection to his roots is something that has stuck with him and manifests itself throughout his work.

Patton now works to build AMPlifi Sports, an online platform that compiles all aspects of the youth sports world into one concise location that allows young athletes to measure their performances. “We’re quite simply enabling this next generation of amateur athletes to fulfill their God-given potential,” says Patton.

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