Sports & Entertainment 12/21: The History of Tech in Sports Science

In most industries there is a domino that can be pointed to as the first innovation that started a chain reaction, forever changing the way people in that industry think. Skylar Richards, Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Sports Science for FC Dallas, joined the podcast to explain the recent history of sports science and to talk about the innovation that launched his industry forward.

Also included in this week’s episode is a roundtable discussion about the number of college football bowl games that are played each year. Have we reached a saturation point where there are simply too many bowl games? Are advertisers and broadcasters getting their money’s worth out of these games or are we seeing people get bored with the entire process? MarketScale’s VP of Business Development Tim Maitland and Director of Analytics Thomas Riley hopped in the studio for the discussion.


Sports & Entertainment 12/14: The Art of Growth

The right environment is essential if you want something to grow. Plants need fertile soil, sun, and water to grow and maintain health. Today’s episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast focuses on growth, both in a horticultural and business sense. Allen Reed, Director of Stadium Grounds for Toyota Stadium joins the podcast to talk about the art of growing grass and keeping a consistent playing surface, come hell or high water. We also catch up with Johnathon Angers of Ngage eSports to talk about the massive growth of eSports and how the music industry is getting involved.


Sports & Entertainment, 12/7: New Experiences & Better Content

The world of sports and entertainment has been undergoing a major paradigm shift in how we consume content. Consumers are more frequently looking to their mobile devices and to social media to keep them informed and entertained. Platforms like Netflix and YouTube have a massive impact on the viewing habits of public. On this episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast, we discuss some of the ways content is changing to accommodate the shift in how people are consuming media.


Sports & Entertainment 11/30: Smarter Social Media & Sports Science

Sports teams have thousands and in some cases millions of followers across their social media channels. The question that many of these teams face is, what do we do now? How do they leverage these followers in a way that benefits the organization while still providing engaging content for their fans?


Sports & Entertainment, 11/20/18: Predicting & Preventing Injuries

On today’s episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment Podcast, we’re gong to focus on predicting and preventing potential injuries. As organizations have gotten smarter about building winning teams, we’ve seen injuries remain as one of the biggest and most frustrating challenges. The two individuals we talked to for our feature pieces this week, Dr. Phil Wagner and Matt Schmit, are focused on helping teams and athletes more accurately predict and prevent future injuries.


Sports & Entertainment 01/14/19: A Brave New World for Bodybuilding

This episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast focuses on building. We talk to Jeff O’Connell, Editor in Chief of BodyBuilding.com, about the growth of sport and how social media has really changed the game. Then, we have a teaser for a full length interview coming later this week with the Vice President and Director of Athletics at the University of North Texas, Wren Baker. He talks about the challenge of building a consistent winner at a school that hasn’t had that experience before.


Sports & Entertainment 1/4: The Common Bond of Sports

This week’s episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast opens with some evidence that NFL hasn’t slipped as much in terms of popularity has many have tried to claim. We have the numbers to illustrate why the NFL is still king when it comes to viewership in the United States.