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Federal Funding for Community-Based Clean Energy Saves the Day for Municipalities

Jennifer Granholm Community-Based Clean Energy
  Community-based clean energy projects across the U.S. are getting a windfall of cash from the Biden administration. Using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Read more


mocktail movement
The Stats Say Alcohol Intake is Down, but the Demand for Flavor is Not. Can the Mocktail Movement Meet Consumer’s Alcohol-Free Needs?
February 4, 2023

The holiday months are filled with indulgent food and drink, spurring the “Dry January” event, which has become a movement many partake in with the dawning of the New Year. In 2021, NIelsonIQ found that 22 percent of U.S. consumers stated they were decreasing their alcohol intake, and non-alcoholic beverage sales were up 19 […]

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Healthcare Cyberattacks
Healthcare Cyberattacks Grew in 2022
February 3, 2023

Concerning data from cybersecurity firm Check Point indicates an increase in cyberattacks on healthcare organizations by 74% in 2022 from the previous year. Healthcare is currently the third most attacked global industry (1,463 attacks per week) behind government/military (1,661 attacks per week) and education/research (2,314 attacks per week.) And in the United States, Healthcare […]

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CES 2023 crowd attendance
Top Trends at CES 2023 from Bosch, John Deere, and More
February 3, 2023

Top notch technology and top notch attendance secured CES 2023 its gold medal; to put it simply, this year’s CES was a huge success. The world’s largest and most prominent consumer electronics and technology exhibition, CES served its usual role as a testing ground for ground-breaking innovations across multiple verticals. From 5G to Web3, and […]

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Federal Funding for Community-Based Clean Energy Saves the Day for Municipalities
November 29, 2022

Community-based clean energy projects across the U.S. are getting a windfall of cash from the Biden administration. Using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Program, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm announced the federal government is allocating $550 million to help municipalities deploy community-based clean energy initiatives, from infrastructure projects that cut down […]

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What Another 15 Million Barrel Tranche Means for Oil and Gas Prices
November 7, 2022

According to Washington Post, the United States is regarded as the world’s oil barrel of last resort, but what does it mean for hundreds of millions of Americans when depletion becomes an addressable concern? On October 19, “the Biden administration announces another 15-million-barrel tranche to come out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) for […]

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Biden to Meet With CEOs of Walmart, CVS on Holiday Supply-Chain Issues
November 29, 2021

(Bloomberg) — President Joe Biden plans to meet Monday with the CEOs of Walmart Inc, CVS Health Corp and other retailers as part of his efforts to tackle supply chain bottlenecks and inflation ahead of Christmas. The session, which coincides with this weekend’s start to the holiday shopping season, will include executives from the grocery, […]

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A $6 Billion Jolt for U.S. EV Supply Chains
November 23, 2021

(Bloomberg) — Stay on top of the electric car revolution by signing up to our Hyperdrive newsletter here. President Biden finally signed his $550 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill into law last week, and among the goodies was $6 billion in federal grants for companies making batteries or processing materials for the components they use. For […]

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Communities Can Help Streamline Solar Permits to Hit Our Climate Goals
October 13, 2021

Key Points: In order to meet President Joe Biden’s Climate Goals which is 30 percent solar by 2030, the solar industry must double its residential solar installations. The key going forward is to make solar installation straightforward and routine. Many jurisdictions are using SolarAPP+ to speed up the solar panel application process. Commentary: As […]

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Will New Income Reporting Have Any Meaningful Impact on the Financial Ecosystem?
October 12, 2021

If the IRS having more scrutiny over bank accounts makes you squirm, then buckle up. A proposed change to bank reporting standards would require banks to report $600 or more in transactions to the IRS, allegedly to help the Treasury catch wealthy individuals concealing income and committing tax fraud. Is this out of step with the […]

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How a New Tax Proposal Can Improve Tax Compliance Among Businesses
October 11, 2021

3 Key Points: Tax proposal could close up the use of LLC’s by foreign individuals who provide services abroad which is currently considered foreign income by the United States but often times not taxed in the foreign country. A change to the 1099-K to $600 could make an impact on how many LLC’s continue […]

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Can American Rail Survive Without Government Support?
October 5, 2021

Key Points: The current US infrastructure bill aims to invest $66 billion in passenger and freight railing improvements, which could help numerous rail projects. Leveraging private capital has been crucial to bridging the funding gap left by a lack of federal rail support. Growth in communities can’t be addressed through highways but rather by […]

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Is Our EV Infrastructure Ready for Mass Maintenance?
September 10, 2021

With investments in EV infrastructure at scale to meet the U.S.’s goal of 50% of automotive sales being EVs by 2030, how should technology providers prepare for mass maintenance and repair workflows for this new charging infrastructure? We sourced perspectives from Desmond Wheatley, President & CEO of BEAM, to share his thoughts on the decentralized […]

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