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Study Shows that Many Educational Institutions Lack Broadband Support

    The Minority Serving-Cyberinfrastructure Consortium, or MS-CC, recently released troubling findings regarding the state of minority-serving educational institutions in the United Read more


How Did Rural Hospitals Expand, Even During a Pandemic?
April 16, 2021
The challenges healthcare executives and administrators face are constantly changing. Host Kevin Stevenson talks with the heroes behind the heroes that are enabling hospitals, urgent care centers and telemedicine Read more
Sanitation Practices That We Will Stick With After COVID
April 16, 2021
The initial response to COVID saw a massive increase in the use of disinfectants across a wide spectrum of operations, everything from retail, transportation, hospitality, and healthcare to gymnasiums Read more
Seeing, Moving, Tracking: An Introduction to RTLS Solutions and the Visibility They Provide
April 15, 2021
  Seeing, Moving, Tracking is a new podcast by Redpoint Positioning that will bring insights across the warehousing, industrial management and operations world. The show will feature trends, technologies, Read more
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Biden Administration’s EdTech Plan: Bridge the Student Digital Divide
January 28, 2021
With a new administration comes new policy visions, and the Biden administration has already vocalized some priorities for the United States’ education system. Reporting out of The 74 Read more
P&G Cleaning Products Boom as COVID Sanitization Continues
January 28, 2021
  Many industries are more optimistic about their sales going into 2021, and it looks like this is panning out for the broader sanitization and cleaning products market. In particular, one Read more
Exam Proctoring Softwares Draw Criticisms Over Student Privacy
January 25, 2021
There’s no question that the remote learning technology that popped up and evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic helped students and teachers engage from a distance under truly extraordinary Read more
Tesla’s Newest Chinese-Made Model Y Begins Deliveries
January 25, 2021
  China recently added another Chinese-made-and-sold Tesla to its stable, rolling out the Model Y electric SUV. The vehicle has now begun deliveries in the country, with Tesla’s Shanghai Read more
Apple Facing a Lawsuit to Remove Telegram Over Hate Speech
January 25, 2021
  Social media has been in the political and ethical spotlight over the past few weeks, with former President Trump’s Twitter account being suspended, social media apps like Parler being Read more
CES: How 5G Is Poised to Shape Education in 2021
January 21, 2021
This MarketScale industry update saw host Daniel Litwin rewelcome special guest Kevin Hogan, host of MarketScale’s Remote Possibilities and edtech industry expert. It’s an interesting time Read more
IKEA Buys 11,000 Acres of Georgia Forest
January 20, 2021
  IKEA is making investments into its climate positivity commitments, and the strategy is an interesting one. FastCompany reports that Ikea’s parent company, Ingka Group, purchased 11,000 Read more
Apple Announces Racial Equity Investments
January 20, 2021
Tech giant Apple is responding to a year full of racial unrest with a focus on racial equity, backed up by an investment of $100 million last June, as reported by The Verge. The investment, Read more
Solar Energy To Generate Most New US Electricity in 2021
January 19, 2021
  In the quest for renewable energy growth and the lessening of our environmental impact, there’s a clear frontrunner looking to set the pace in 2021 – solar. Solar energy is on track to Read more