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TOKO by DLA Piper: Democratizing Finance on Hedera

The future of finance is democratized, and TOKO by DLA Piper is on a mission to facilitate the emerging global disruption with Hedera. TOKO - DLA Piper’s asset tokenization platform - is the Read more


Wireless Connectivity
Enhancing In-Building Wireless Connectivity: Within Wireless Announces Informative Webinar Series
June 6, 2023

In an era where reliable wireless connectivity is increasingly vital, Within Wireless, powered by Corning, is pleased to unveil its latest webinar series. Designed to address the implementation of in-building wireless systems, this informative series aims to equip building owners and operators with the insights and best practices they need to enhance their wireless […]

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How to Spot Bagworms on Trees
TreeNewal’s Advice on How to Spot Bagworms on Trees
June 6, 2023

Join ISA Certified Arborist Wesley from TreeNewal as he provides a quick insight into the appearance and impact of bagworms on trees. In this informative video, Wesley showcases an eastern red cedar, which is highly attractive to these pests. Bagworms create camouflaged cocoons using materials from the tree itself, such as berries and foliage. […]

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Advanced Clean Transportation
2023 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, Are We There Yet?
June 5, 2023

The 2023 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo attracted over 12,000 visitors, 2,700+ fleet operators, 275+ sponsors, exhibitors and industry partners, 200+ speakers, and featured over 145+ advanced vehicles on display.  And, it presented the perfect opportunity to ask leaders in commercial transportation: Advanced clean transportation within commercial transportation, are we there yet?  In this episode […]

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TOKO by DLA Piper: Democratizing Finance on Hedera
April 25, 2023

The future of finance is democratized, and TOKO by DLA Piper is on a mission to facilitate the emerging global disruption with Hedera. TOKO – DLA Piper’s asset tokenization platform – is the culmination of ambition to provide clients with the ability to utilize #Web3 and digital assets with sound technology & compliance, making traditionally […]

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On the Road with ServiceNow & Hedera
October 4, 2022

Tokens represent a new avenue for customer engagement and loyalty, which can largely influence how customers interact with brands. Organizations can broadly adopt the token paradigm, through the Now Platform, across different industries and products. We have shown how the Now Platform can consistently orchestrate tokens through workflows, making ServiceNow the ideal environment to manage […]

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Weaver On-Chain: Crypto Tax Reporting
May 27, 2022

Shehan Chandrasekera, Head of Tax Strategy at CoinTracker, is a subject matter expert in cryptocurrency taxation. Like many who first experience crypto, Chandrasekera saw the potential of cryptoassets, but realized transacting and investing in these assets presented an enormous administrative burden. With few professionals and CPAs skilled in the industry, Shehan set out to build […]

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How a TikTok Superstar and a Renowned Tech Entrepreneur Aim to Change the Creator Economy Forever
May 24, 2022

Web 3.0. The Metaverse. Monetization. Innovators & creators are excited, primed, and ready to take advantage of today’s technology. Still, the platforms that make content happen have the upper hand. One company, Joystick, aims to change all that. Michael Le and Robin DeFay, the Co-Founders of Joystick, joined Ben Thomas to cut through the […]

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Weaver On Chain: The Current Regulatory and Tax Challenges of Decentralization
April 22, 2022

David Kerr, Principal at Cowrie, has ten years of experience in tax strategy, financial accounting, anti-money laundering, international tax compliance, and risk consulting across the gaming, telecommunications, technology, and digital asset industries. He is an expert in decentralized autonomous organizations and advises on structuring for legal and tax purposes. DAOs are represented by rules that […]

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Weaver On-Chain: The Blockchain World
March 18, 2022

In this exciting debut episode of Weaver On-Chain, host Tim Savage, CPA, Blockchain & Digital Assets, Tax Services welcomes world-renowned expert Dr. Sean Stein SmithDBA, CPA as his inaugural guest on a podcast dedicated to the exciting world of cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. Sean holds many titles including Assistant Professor at City University of […]

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Is the Hotel of the Future Based on Digital Assets?
November 18, 2021

Key Points: A hotel concept around digital assets could create revenue. Bringing digital assets to a physical space could appeal to many. The concept includes a crypto trading floor as the main attraction. Commentary: The pandemic pushed the hospitality industry to the brink. However, crisis often breeds innovation and creativity. So, what’s next for […]

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How To Include Tokens On Your Capital Stack: Like It’s Your Job
October 21, 2021

On this episode of Like It’s Your Job, hosts David Shields, Principal at Shields Legal Group, and Matt Shields, CIO at Shields Capital Group, talked with Rayne Steinberg, CEO at Arca, an institutional-grade financial services firm that builds products utilizing and investing in digital assets. They dug into Steinberg’s career and business at Arca. […]

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