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IoT Solutions Assist in the Measurement of Indoor Air Quality, Ensuring Healthier Spaces

  Because technology in this day and age intertwines with health and sustainability, indoor air quality emerges as a key facet of concern in the construction and facility Read more


IoT and tokenization
Revolutionizing Logistics with IoT and Tokenization: A Deep Dive into the Future
December 1, 2023

Revolutionizing logistics with IoT and tokenization—this core theme forms the crux of exploration in the latest episode of Semi-Related, an Optym Podcast. Host Chris Torrence, Chief Strategy Officer for Optym, engages with Todd Haselhorst, Founder/CEO of HEALE Labs, in a conversation that promises to reshape our understanding of the logistics industry. In this episode, […]

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Virtual Health is Transforming the Future of Healthcare
December 1, 2023

Healthcare is often synonymous with invasive procedures and impersonal treatment, but virtual care and its varying models are increasingly changing that. For this reason, this constantly changing landscape needs transformative leaders like Dr. Ryan Grant, Co-founder and CEO of Vori Health. His own transition from a surgical focus to tackling broader challenges in the […]

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Verizon is Revolutionizing Manufacturing Connectivity
November 30, 2023

Verizon is Transforming the Future of Manufacturing The Role of Connectivity in Transforming Manufacturing In the latest episode of “Getting Smart,” host Brandon Pfluger had the pleasure of welcoming Mike Weller, Manufacturing Practice Manager at Verizon, to discuss the transformative role of connectivity in manufacturing. Weller’s insights into Verizon’s approach to empowering manufacturing plants through […]

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IoT Solutions Assist in the Measurement of Indoor Air Quality, Ensuring Healthier Spaces
July 24, 2023

Because technology in this day and age intertwines with health and sustainability, indoor air quality emerges as a key facet of concern in the construction and facility management sector. With Internet of Things (IoT) driven solutions like Polygon’s ExactAire, the invisible becomes visible – air quality parameters, leak detection, and toxic gas levels can […]

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IAQ and Construction: Data Centers and Mission-Critical
July 21, 2023

Data Centers and mission-critical construction projects often face challenges related to real-time data availability and proactive measures in terms of indoor air quality (IAQ.) Polygon’s ExactAire™ IAQ system overcomes these challenges. The system prevents leaks, condensation on electrical equipment, and dust or particulate matter accumulation on materials or gear, thereby avoiding significant losses and […]

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Improving Indoor Air Quality During Construction Takes the Right Technological Tools
July 18, 2023

Today’s era is marked by heightened awareness of both sustainability and occupational safety, the intersection of these two fields has led to intriguing technological tools and advancements within the construction industry. Indoor air quality, a critical but often overlooked facet of these conversations, not only influences the health and productivity of workers but also contributes […]

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Balanced Ventilation Basics for Homes
March 30, 2022

Nick Agopian, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at RenewAire, and Paul Raymer, Chief Investogator from Heyoka Indoor Solutions LLC, joined Host Tyler Kern for the second of three series episodes on improving indoor air quality. Agopian explained why balanced ventilation with outdoor air is so important. When one cubic foot of air moves out […]

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Ideal Conditions: Maneuvering focus on IAQ in Wake of the Pandemic
January 12, 2022

There is no better scenario to accelerate awareness for Indoor Air Quality, than a pandemic marked by the uncontrollable spread of an airborne pathogen. Parties ranging from policymakers to big box retail stores to residential complexes are faced with the growing concern of IAQ, specifically on how to maneuver their focus on this pressing […]

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COVID-19 Prompts Updates in Building Ratings and Certifications
October 13, 2021

“For example, the WELL Health Safety Rating created a big board with industry professionals from across the gamut, be they scientists, or people focused on the biology or virology, to figure out what would be the best approach [to focus on occupant health and wellness] in July of last year,” Nugent said. The COVID-19 pandemic […]

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How Displacement Ventilation Leads to Better IEQ
June 16, 2021

Indoor air quality isn’t the only aspect of building comfort that owners and those maintaining buildings need to consider. IEQ, or indoor environment quality, factors in many different considerations from noise to comfort and quality. Jerry Scanlan, Executive Vice President at Boland, and Einar Frobom, Director of Sales and Marketing at Carson Solutions, spoke with […]

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The IAQ Revolution: Dilution & Filtration with Nick Agopian and Armin Rudd
January 19, 2021

A revolution is nothing without a solution. For indoor air quality (IAQ), dilution and filtration are two components of the ventilation equation. Nick Agopian, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at RenewAire, teamed up with Armin Rudd, Principal AB Systems, LLC, to add context to this IAQ IQ conversation. Agopian said ventilation and filtration try […]

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The Importance of Proper Ventilation for Indoor Air Quality
December 22, 2020

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), is on everyone’s mind these days. With the COVID-19 pandemic raising concerns over the quality and safety of indoor air, it’s an opportune time to get an insider’s perspective on IAQ and what proper and/or increased ventilation can do to make an internal environment a safe one. Nick Agopian, Vice President […]

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