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The Essential Elements of Restaurant Design

essential elements of restaurant design
  On The Main Course, hosted by Barbara Castiglia, Ray Chung, the Director of Design at The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry, delves into the intricate art of restaurant design. Read more


IC System's dedicated team
IC System – Meet Our Collectors
November 29, 2023

At IC System, the language of empathy speaks louder than the transactions of debt collection. In a compelling video feature, IC System’s dedicated team casts a spotlight on their unique approach—combining heartfelt empathy with innovative solutions to navigate the often challenging landscape of financial obligations. IC System champions a path of compassion, delving deep […]

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IC System team members
Why Nice People Work at IC System
November 29, 2023

This video highlights one of the core values that drives IC System – People. Hear from IC System team members as they share their experiences and insights on how IC cultivates a family-like atmosphere built on genuine human connection. Key takeaways: People come first: IC focuses on building strong relationships, both with customers and […]

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Architectural Specifications
Draper Adds Architectural Specifications Manager in South Central U.S.
November 29, 2023

(Spiceland, Ind.) – Draper, Inc., has announced the addition of an Architectural Specifications Manager for the south-central United States. Jay Linville joins Draper after more than 30 years of experience working with the architectural community—including major players in the commercial window shading industry. “Jay’s experience working with architects specifying solar control solutions for major commercial […]

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The Essential Elements of Restaurant Design
August 14, 2023

On The Main Course, hosted by Barbara Castiglia, Ray Chung, the Director of Design at The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry, delves into the intricate art of restaurant design. From the importance of lighting and acoustics to the essence of storytelling in creating an ambiance, Chung emphasizes the need for a holistic approach. Drawing […]

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Shake Shack Beat its Q1 Profit Expectations. The Key Was Technology, LTOs, and Efficient Operations.
May 11, 2023

Shake Shack’s Q1 performance has been nothing short of spectacular, showcasing a brand that understands its market and is not afraid to innovate. The fast-food giant has returned to pre-COVID numbers, proving its resilience in the face of adversity. What can the larger QSR industry learn from Shake Shack and its business model, use […]

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How to Capitalize on Online Restaurant Reviews and Engage
May 5, 2023

Online restaurant reviews: restaurants may love or hate them, but they should not ignore the practice. To do so means operating at one’s peril. Sifting through the noise to gain meaningful insights from reviews left online is integral to the restaurant industry and can lead to success if measured and responded to correctly. Chatmeter, a […]

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The Wholesale Business: A Collaborative Approach
April 28, 2023

Owning a bakery is a dream for some people; for others, the vision continues beyond that first cookie sold. For the Co-Owners of Brooklyn, New York’s The Good Batch, Anna Gordon and Steven Hartong, the question isn’t the next type of cookie to sell; it’s what’s the next market expansion. The global market for […]

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Re-invigorating Success: How to Refresh and Reinvent Legacy Brands
April 14, 2023

Reinvention. That’s a word many restaurants understand after undergoing three years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through technology innovations to expanded delivery options, loyalty programs, and new concepts like ghost kitchens, the restaurant industry knows a thing or two—or ten—about the ‘adapt or die’ mentality. Refreshing and reinventing a restaurant is one thing, but legacy […]

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What Can Employers Learn from Employee Exit Interviews?
December 28, 2022

Managing a restaurant is challenging, especially when the way restaurants operate is changing all the time. In the last couple years with the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have had to adapt with the times in unprecedented ways. From staff shortages to supply chain issues, there’s a lot to juggle, but there are always ways for […]

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Catering is Marketing
December 2, 2022

Catering is a growing trend in the restaurant industry that brings enormous growth opportunities and since the pandemic, opportunities that bring new customers to the table are critical. The restaurants that embrace the innovative possibilities of catering are seeing the benefits. One national multi-concept restaurant platform believes catering isa great way to introduce new […]

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Why Restaurants Are Historically Slow at Adopting New Technology
August 8, 2022

The restaurant industry has historically been slow to shift and adopt new technology. Ben Simmons, Co-founder and COO of Table Needs recalled a meeting in 2012 when a restaurant owner was considering building a website. Websites were pretty mainstream, but it shows an example of generalization. Today, as reported by Restaurant Dive, 77% of […]

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74% of Restaurant-Goers Want Free WiFi. Is it Worth the Cybersecurity Risks?
November 23, 2021

Commentary: You’ve likely placed an on-line food order in the past six months; many of us do it on a regular basis. We all took notice as restaurants all over the world were thrust into a shift towards a delivery- or pickup-only business model in order to survive during the pandemic, mostly with consumers […]

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