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Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Traditional Hospitality

Driven by consumer desires for new experiences, innovative technologies and environmental impacts – travel is changing. Host Sarah Dandashy explores the technologies and logistics that power Read more


How Did Rural Hospitals Expand, Even During a Pandemic?
April 16, 2021
The challenges healthcare executives and administrators face are constantly changing. Host Kevin Stevenson talks with the heroes behind the heroes that are enabling hospitals, urgent care centers and telemedicine Read more
Sanitation Practices That We Will Stick With After COVID
April 16, 2021
The initial response to COVID saw a massive increase in the use of disinfectants across a wide spectrum of operations, everything from retail, transportation, hospitality, and healthcare to gymnasiums Read more
Seeing, Moving, Tracking: An Introduction to RTLS Solutions and the Visibility They Provide
April 15, 2021
  Seeing, Moving, Tracking is a new podcast by Redpoint Positioning that will bring insights across the warehousing, industrial management and operations world. The show will feature trends, technologies, Read more
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When Will International Travel Return?
October 15, 2020
No one thought back in March, when travel bans first went into effect, that we would still be here seven months later. The unfortunate thing is that many are questioning if there is an end in Read more
How Education is Driving Travelers to Hotels
October 8, 2020
Amy Draheim, Podcast Host and Hospitality Marketing Consultant, joined us for today's episode. It was exciting to sit down with Draheim and explore both her long history in Hospitality Read more
Is It too Early to Think About Holiday Travel?
October 1, 2020
In late September, we saw through a series of studies that people were still very eager to travel. But, as the fourth quarter of 2020 kicks off and we start winding toward the holidays, Read more
What Hotel Markets are Currently Seeing the Most Revenue Success?
September 24, 2020
On this week's episode of Say Yes to Travel, we got to sit down with Jonathan Capps, Vice President of Revenue, and Gavin Royster, Director of Development, at Charlestowne Hotels. They Read more
What International Travel is Like in the Age of COVID-19
September 10, 2020
In this week's episode of Say Yes to Travel, I got to sit down with my aunt while traveling to the East Coast to visit family. She's an American, though she lives in Porto, Portugal, and I Read more
What International Travel Currently Looks Like
September 3, 2020
  I'm fresh off my first "real" pandemic trip. I took a road trip to Sedona a month ago, but this trip included not only my first flight, but an international flight and a six-day Read more
Closing the Gap Between Hotels and Social Media Strategy
August 27, 2020
  Welcoming back Calvin Tilokee, the brain behind the famous Instagram page RevParblems. The last time we had him on, Calvin shared with us the affects the pandemic has had on the hotel Read more
What Travel Currently Looks Like
August 20, 2020
  With so many international travel restrictions still in place, and so many of us itching it get out of our living rooms, people are looking to hit the road. Polls have found that Read more
Concierges Around the World: Los Angeles Concierge Association
August 13, 2020
  Typically, summer months bring lots of travelers to the sunny shores of California. 2020’s guest list looks slightly different, as the coronavirus continues to be a global health Read more