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Closing the Books: Scorecards for Success in Debt Collection

Mike Selbitschka joined IC System fresh out of high school. Now IC System’s Vice President of Operations, Selbitschka knows a thing or two about the collections industry. And the best tool he Read more


How Did Rural Hospitals Expand, Even During a Pandemic?
April 16, 2021
The challenges healthcare executives and administrators face are constantly changing. Host Kevin Stevenson talks with the heroes behind the heroes that are enabling hospitals, urgent care centers and telemedicine Read more
Sanitation Practices That We Will Stick With After COVID
April 16, 2021
The initial response to COVID saw a massive increase in the use of disinfectants across a wide spectrum of operations, everything from retail, transportation, hospitality, and healthcare to gymnasiums Read more
Seeing, Moving, Tracking: An Introduction to RTLS Solutions and the Visibility They Provide
April 15, 2021
  Seeing, Moving, Tracking is a new podcast by Redpoint Positioning that will bring insights across the warehousing, industrial management and operations world. The show will feature trends, technologies, Read more
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The Importance of Edge Computing Solutions for the Retail, Banking, Hospitality and Education Markets
March 25, 2021
  There are two sides to every story, and there are two sides to edge computing – infrastructure edge and a device edge. Infrastructure is the edge hardware that ranges from light to Read more
Shining a Spotlight on Pipe Fusion
March 24, 2021
Jeff Turner, Sales Channel Manager for McElroy, and Ryan Ethier, creator of the Facebook group Gods of Fusion and Western Canada Utility Sales Manager at ISCO-AH McElroy, joined host Tyler Read more
We Achieve: The ACHNET Origin Story
March 23, 2021
 Manoj Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of ACHNET, joined host Shelby Skrhak to discuss the origins of ACHNET and its mission, goals, and objectives moving into the future. The beginnings of ACHNET Read more
Making a Connection: IT and OT: Can These Two Great Tastes Taste Great Together?
March 22, 2021
A growing challenge for businesses across industries is the convergence of IT and OT. How is the merging of these two traditionally separate areas impacting the IT workforce now also managing Read more
Making a Connection: The State of Cybersecurity for Industrial Networks
March 22, 2021
  Industrial networks are under threat from cyberattacks. On Feb. 8, Oldsmar, Florida, announced a cyber intrusion into its water treatment system. They detected the attack, but only after Read more
Marketing Trends for the Self-Storage Industry
March 18, 2021
  There are many ways to market a business, but making an impression that sticks with a potential customer isn’t always easy. The self-storage industry relies on exact timing to get their Read more
Taking a Business from Zero to Revenue
March 18, 2021
In a world looking for innovation and forward thinkers, Brian Hoang is thriving. As CEO and Co-Founder of SURVIVR, Hoang’s mission is to transform law enforcement training. SURVIVR is a Read more
Beyond the Concept: Controls Retrofits and the Things to Consider
March 17, 2021
Donavan Moore, Electrical Design Department Manager at Concept Systems, and Jerry Flynn, Principal Engineer at Concept Systems, talked about all things controls retrofits on Beyond the Read more
Full Circle Healthcare: Healthcare Laboratory Billing Solutions
March 17, 2021
Medical Laboratory testing processes are complex, with test orders continually going through operations. Billing is part of that equation, but it doesn’t need to be part of the complexity. Read more