Aviation just got an upgrade with the Evolution E5 flight display system. Andy Smith, inside sales manager for Aspen Avionics, was on hand to give host Tyler Kern all the details about this affordable and configurable unit, which consolidates traditional attitude indicators and directional gyros into a single display.

“With the E5, you can take out your existing attitude and DG,” Smith said.

The E5 also includes vertical speed plus HSI into a single display with a backup battery. Some of the optional software upgrades include True Airspeed, Outside Air Temperature, Winds and GPS annunciations.

Kern asked Smith if the E5 allowed for the removal of the existing vacuum system, and Smith said yes, “as long as the vacuum system is not tied to an attitude generator that drives the autopilot, or if the attitude needs to be retained for flight director information.”

“As far as navigation goes,” Smith said, “the E5 will drive most autopilots on the market.” It will require an additional analog converter box to do so.

“The benefit of interfacing the E5 to any these legacy autopilot systems,” Smith said, “is the E5 does provide GPS roll steering information. That’s nice to have.”

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