Keeping Tracks Safe With Lidar


What technology is currently being used to monitor railroads? What are the shortcomings? How can safety and efficiency be increased with better monitoring? On this episode of LeddarTech Lab, host Tyler Kern is joined by John Dinan, Field Application Engineer for LeddarTech for a discussion about how railroad monitoring can be improved with innovative technology.

The current technology involving GPS, radar, cameras, and lidar can be intrusive, such as wires connected to rails, and are prone to breaking and troublesome repairs. Cameras can show what’s happening on the track but processing the data can be labor-intensive. Current approaches to railroad monitoring have drawbacks and pitfalls that can make it a struggle to oversee every different system employed.

Solutions to railroad monitoring need to be durable, reliable, and not interfere with normal operations. LeddarTech uses solid-state 2D lidar (light detection and ranging) to provide distance measurement feedback and precise shapes of objects.

This technology can be leveraged in rail yards in a variety of ways. Unobtrusive sensors can monitor shunting areas to make sure the cars are where they should be. Autonomous trains can assemble more easily with sensors on every railcar giving precise distance measurements. Presence detection in the railyard lets operators know which lanes are empty and collision avoidance systems lead to better railyard safety.

LeddarTech sensors and systems are leading the way in railroad monitoring technology. The sensors are easy to integrate and are sturdy enough to hold up in bad weather and the treacherous environment near a railway. Safety is paramount in the railroad industry and John Dinan explains all the details and use scenarios where lidar technology can make all the difference.

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