From ADAS to Autonomy, What Does the Future of Autonomy Hold?

LeddarTech President and COO Frantz Saintellemy joined Daniel Litwin for the inaugural episode of MarketScale’s Transportation podcast to explore the applications and trends surrounding automotive LiDAR sensor technology and everything it touches.

Saintellemy has a lengthy career in the space, previously working for Integrated Device Technology (IDT)as the company’s VP, Automotive and Industrial and at ZMDI AG as Executive VP, Global Sales.

On this episode, Litwin and Saintellemy dove into the innovations in sensor technology, the transition from Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to autonomy, the challenges facing global implementation of autonomy, and more.

“The most powerful innovation has been in the components side of the technologies,” Saintellemy said. “One of the challenges the industry has always faced was the availability of high-performance components at low cost that could be adopted by passenger cars. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen tremendous acceleration and advancements.”

In the quest for the global scaling of autonomous vehicles, Saintellemy said, standardization will play a major role.

“For the industry to accelerate, you’re going to see more standardization,” he said. “There will be standard platforms where everyone can operate on the same platform with the same reference, the same definition, the same specs, the same common look and feel … Today, it’s too fragmented. Everyone’s trying to do something different.”

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