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Trends in Tech at the Chicago Auto Show

MarketScale traveled to the Chicago Auto Show to scope out the latest trends in the automotive industry. This week’s episode of the MarketScale Transportation Podcast features conversations with representatives from three different automakers who give their thoughts on emerging technology for automobiles.

This week’s show also features a conversation with an expert on railroads who explains how harsh weather, both cold and hot, can affect the railways in a big way.


MarketScale Transportation 01/29/19: Will Tariffs or Technology Be the Year's Biggest Disruptor?

On this episode of the MarketScale Transportation Podcast, we wanted to pose the question: what will be the biggest disruptor of the transportation industry in 2019? Before we can get a feel for that main question, we have to take a look at where companies are investing their time and effort. Uber’s JUMP program is another indication that big transportation disruptors are looking to disrupt a little more. In this feature, we’re joined by Dr. Susan Shaheen from the UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center to explain what Uber’s further immersion to the micromobility space means for the industry.

Also on this week’s show, Dr. Dave Tuttle, Research Fellow in the Energy Institute at University of Texas at Austin, joins to give his insight on the main disrupters for the transportation industry in 2019. With technology and tariffs both threatening to play a big part moving forward, Tuttle discusses the real challenge that tariffs pose to automakers, the other factors causing uncertainty in the industry, and what he would fix if he were the boss of everybody in the industry for a day.


MarketScale Transportation 12/31: Emerging Trends and a Radical Idea

Turning the calendar over to a new year is an excellent opportunity to look forward and consider what the future holds. The transportation industry is evolving rapidly and big changes could be on the horizon in 2019. On this episode of the Transportation podcast, correspondent Elmer Guardado joins the show to preview some of the trends we can expect to see in the coming year.

This week’s show also features a conversation our correspondent Scott Sidway had with Patrick Kennedy, an urban designer and member of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit board. At a time when cities are building bigger highways and creating more infrastructure for cars, Kennedy has a radical idea: tear a highway in Dallas, TX down. He argues that the removal of this section of highway would help Dallas reduce traffic, thrive economically, and more. Maybe this idea isn’t so radical after all?


MarketScale Transportation 11/28/18: Making Transportation Work For You

Transportation is something that affects our lives on a daily basis. At one point or another, we’ve all fumed about getting stuck in traffic or experienced the frustration of a train running behind schedule. It can often feel like we’re fighting with our methods of transportation rather than harnessing them to work in our favor. Sure, we’re able to get from place to place, but does it have to always been such a frustrating process?

This episode of the MarketScale Transportation Podcast features interviews with two people who are using their expertise to make various methods of transportation work better for the people who use them.