Driver blind spots have been problematic since the inception of vehicles more than a century ago. Much like human-driven cars and trucks, new autonomous vehicles deal with similar problems.

For autonomous vehicles to be trusted and safe, they need to have awareness of all their surroundings, particularly in the areas in their immediate vicinity. Today, improved LiDAR technology continues to minimize these blind areas.

Alex Ouellet-Belanger, Systems Architect at LeddarTech recently spoke about advancements in LiDAR technology at the Tech.AD conference in Detroit, Michigan.

“It’s really a way to make autonomous driving as a whole safer, therefore helping the industry gain acceptance and adoption in the market,” he told MarketScale after the conference.

Providing a 360-degree view of an autonomous vehicle’s surroundings is a necessary step in their development and implementation on public roadways. Every inch is critical to the safety of other cars but also pedestrians, animals, and irregularities on the road like construction sites and potholes.