The new Sony FX6 offers 16-bit RAW over SDI. Atomos will support it via ProRes RAW.

On the heels of Sony announcing its full-frame FX6 camcorder, Atomos has unveiled it will support ProRes RAW with the Shogun 7 up to 4K DCI 60p in a future firmware update.

The FX6 outputs 16-bit linear RAW data over a 12G-SDI connection. The Shogun will convert the signal and record ProRes RAW in 12-bit color depth. Until there’s a 16-bit codec for ProRes, for now, everything will be recorded at 12-bit.

ProRes RAW is proving itself to be a very efficient and powerful intermediate codec. For filmmakers, it provides a hefty amount of latitude when adjusting the parameters of an image. Better yet, both ProRes RAW and the less compressed ProRes RAW HQ have manageable file sizes, making RAW workflows attainable for nearly any budget. For perspective, 12-bit RAW is the same file size as 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes.

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