Meet Dave Pavlina, Self-Made Cinematographer and Road-Trippin’ Nomad

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Dave Pavlina said

We can all thank (or maybe blame) Henry Ford for the 40-hour, 9 to 5 workweek. But the daily grind established by the automaker ninety years ago isn’t meant for everyone. On this week’s episode of MarketScale Creates, we spoke to cinematographer Dave Pavlina who is currently road-tripping across America in his vintage Airstream camper and producing videos for MarketScale along the way.

It was the show LOST with its soaring soundtrack and beautiful visuals that sparked Dave’s interest in videography. After graduating from art school, he landed a full-time job doing photography and video work for a vacation homes company. But the gig wasn’t especially creative or inspirational.

“At lunch, I was daydreaming and thinking I can’t wait ‘til it’s 5 o’clock,” Pavlina said.

Finally, the monotony drove him to his breaking point and he decided to embark on his freelance journey. But working for yourself isn’t easy, and between networking and shooting projects, he found himself always hustling.

“I was working very, very hard at trying to make the freelance life work,” Pavlina said.

Through dedication, Dave found comfortable success in the Orlando area where he lived, but he didn’t want to get stuck there so it was time for a new quest.

“The challenge of trying to take the freelance career and have it be nomadic seemed like the next logical step,” Pavlina said.

He hit the road in his Airstream camper, seeking adventure and inspiration in America’s vast landscapes.

Dave credits his affiliation with MarketScale with affording him the ability to live a wayfarer lifestyle. He no longer has to hunt for work and is able to use his cinematography skills to film videos for clients from coast to coast.

He also loves that he’s free to pursue his passion projects, keeping his creative juices flowing.

“I needed a new wave of inspiration that travel could provide, and it has provided that,” he said.

So what’s his next destination? Wherever life and a tank of gas take him.


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