See where the Davinci Resolve Speed Editor fills in the gaps left by the DaVinci Resolve Keyboard and how it can speed up your workflow.

In 2019, Blackmagic Design released the DaVinci Resolve Editing Keyboard, their first peripheral for Resolve’s edit and cut page. Priced at $995, the keyboard was not easily accessible for hobbyist editors looking to improve their efficiency. While there were the likes of the Logic Resolve Keyboard on the market, the search dial’s functionality and pre-programmed function keys were the elements that gave the Resolve Keyboard its wow factor.

Thankfully, in the recent live announcement for Resolve 17, Blackmagic introduced the Resolve Speed Editor. This lighter and more compact variant of the keyboard retails for $295.

Admittedly, on the night of the announcement, I was heavily focused on writing the new features of the edit and color page and was going to catch up on the other Resolve features, plus the Speed Editor, a little later. But I never got around to it. When the Speed Editor arrived and I started to play around with it, I quickly noticed several of the buttons weren’t working. Did I receive a defunct unit? No. I was simply pressing them on the wrong page.

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