“Every six days we were doing something that no one had ever done before.”

After serving as a second unit director of photography on movies like The Matrix Trilogy and Dark City, Ross Emery was tapped to be one of the key cinematographers on the new HBO Max series Raised By Wolves, where he got to work with one of his all-time film heroes: Ridley Scott. In fact, it was Scott’s 1982 classic Blade Runner that made Emery fall in love with movies as visual art.

Emery regales us with stories that you don’t want to miss, everything from working with the Wachowskis and the incredible team they assembled to the madness of The Island of Dr. Moreau. (Yes, he was on that set, too.) Emery’s style and approach are distinct, and he’s been around the block, so pull up a chair and listen.

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