Building a car rig can be challenging, here’s some tips.

Cars are an essential part of life in the modern world, so it makes sense they show up in a lot of movie scenes. We spend a lot of our life in cars, going from one place to another, having conversations, processing our feelings, building up to confrontations. The automobile is one of our most important spaces.

Working with a car for motion pictures is significantly more complicated than other forms of filmmaking. Whether you want to do a DSLR car mount or build up a professional car mount for a major package like an Arri Alexa LF with a zoom, there are a whole host of things you need to understand to prepare. Even if you aren’t going to be doing the rigging yourself, understanding how the rigging works can help you prepare effectively for your production.

Who and How Long

The first thing to understand about rigging a camera to a car is who does it and how long it takes.

On a big show, you might have a dedicated car specialist, but on smaller productions working with the car falls under the domain of the grip department, overseen by the key grip.

If you are considering becoming a grip, a DP, or a director, you should have a handle on how the camera is going to be mounted to have a real sense of what precisely you should be doing to plan these setups effectively.

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