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AirIQ: The Importance of Proper Power Venter Setup

  John Cotton, Tech Support and Project Coordinator at Field Controls, returned to the AirIQ podcast to talk about the importance of proper installation and service of power venters. Power venters are a cost-saving alternative to traditional chimney exhaust systems. “Gas and oil-fired appliances, such as furnaces, boilers, and water heaters, use power venters,” Cotton said. […]

AirIQ: The Benefits of Steam Humidifiers

  John Cotton, Tech Support and Project Coordinator at Field Controls, spoke on this episode of AirIQ about the benefits of installing an indoor steam humidifier. Indoor heating systems draw moisture out of the air and adds personal discomfort, drying of the skin, and static build-up that can cause damage to electronics. Cotton recommended the […]

John Cotton says

AirIQ : How Quality HVAC Systems Let Buildings Breathe

  Whether it’s in the heat of July, or the chill of January, residential and commercial heating and cooling systems are necessary assets to the operation of our daily lives. On this episode of AirIQ, we dove into how to make HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) systems more efficient, environmentally friendly, and fool-proof with John […]

Tim Begoske says

AirIQ: Managing Humidity in Today’s Well-Insulated Homes is Tricky

  It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity, right? Living in the south comes with knowing how to handle humidity inside and out, but even facility managers might not realize the lasting impact humidity has on a building and its occupants. On this episode of AirIQ with Field Controls, host Daniel Litwin sat down with […]

Tim Barton says

AirIQ: How Whole House Fans Keep People Cool While Cutting Costs

  When it comes to keeping cool this summer, many people will reluctantly turn on a costly A/C unit. But smart homeowners will activate their whole house fan, designed to lower temperatures within a living space at a fraction of the cost of mechanical cooling. On today’s episode of AirIQ, Tim Barton, director of ventilation […]


AirIQ with Field Controls: Why Indoor Air Quality Matters to Everyone, Even You

  Residential air quality affects more than your family’s health; it costs time, money, and resources. On this episode of AirIQ brought to you by Field Controls, host Tyler Kern sits down with Ed Reynolds, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Field Controls, to discuss concerning facts about indoor air quality. Indoor air quality […]