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Beyond the Concept: Automation in the Airlines and Aerospace Markets

  Steve Strong, Regional Engineering Manager, Seattle, at Concept Systems, spoke with Tyler Kern about some of the automation challenges in the airline and aerospace industries. Something both markets have in common: they each have expensive and complex products to manufacture and automate. Strong said because of these complexities, the proposals Concept Systems does and […]

Beyond the Concept: Crane Retrofits

  Michael Maas, Senior Engineer, and Sergei Furduy, Principal Engineer at Concept Systems, Inc., joined Beyond the Concept’s Tyler Kern to discuss all things crane retrofits. There are several instances where crane retrofits might come into play. Older cranes with aging parts are one example Maas offered. “Also, if you want to gain more functionality […]

Beyond the Concept: UL 508A Components Selection Considerations

Donavan Moore, the Electrical Design Department Manager at Concept Systems, educated host Tyler Kern on the considerations and selection process for UL 508A components. UL 508A is the standard for the construction of industrial control panels with the first edition coming out in 2001. “It’s been the go-to standard for industrial control panel design,” Moore […]

Beyond the Concept: Remote Diagnosis of Problems Helps Optimize Production

  Whether it’s peeling potatoes or managing a city’s water supply, optimizing production is an important component of any manufacturing business. In the past, automation systems were difficult to fine-tune without a significant disruption, but with things becoming increasingly digital and more and more products being designed with things like Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx distrusted control […]

Beyond The Concept: The Role Robotics Plays in the Future of Manufacturing

  It may not be Rosie from the Jetsons, but robots are certainly here to stay in American life. It just turns out robots are a lot better at manufacturing than they are around the house. Advances in robotics in recent years are changing the manufacturing industry, said Eric Potter, Director of Engineering at FANUC […]

Beyond the Concept: Why Automation Makes Sense from an ROI Perspective

  Robots and automation may seem like an expensive idea for many business owners, but automation be more within reach than previously thought and can produce excellent return on investment. Whether painting a factory or removing waste in a facility’s process, the ROI for automation can often be measured in months. “Automation in and of […]