Building a Better Bond


Building a Better Bond: How Fibrebond’s Industry Expertise Makes for Deeper Client Relationships

  Fibrebond has solutions in several different markets; gensets, data centers, power, telecom, and more. With that diverse reach, it’s critical for the company to not spread itself too thin and maintain high quality products and service regardless of the job. What is their secret sauce for pulling it off? On this episode of Building […]

Building a Better Bond: Changing Materials, Maintaining Mentality

  Many industries can change, some seemingly overnight. Others can take years to complete their makeover. On this episode of Building a Better Bond, Randy Bogan, Warehousing Director for Fibrebond, sat down with Sean Heath to discuss the nature and rate of change in the industry. The nature of business is change, but that helps […]

Building a Better Bond: Consistently Durable Flexibility

  Perspective is crucial for a good salesperson, especially if it includes the technical expertise of an engineer. On this episode of Building a Better Bond, a Fibrebond podcast, Sarah Clements, Technical Sales Representative for Fibrebond, sat down with Sean Heath to discuss the importance of flexibility and stability in the industry. The ability to […]

Building a Better Bond: How Behavior Based Safety Transforms Company Culture

  The devastating ripple effect of an injury on the job can ultimately wreck business, and ruin livelihoods. It’s no wonder Fibrebond has invested heavily in workplace safety to avoid the ravages of an incident on the job. The steel and concrete corporation has implemented an approach known as “behavior-based safety,” a multi-layered program that […]

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Building a Better Bond: How Fibrebond is Meeting the Unique Design Demands for Generator Enclosures

  Generator enclosures are evolving as the industry demands bigger, better, and more generator sets. In this episode of Building a Better Bond with Fibrebond, host Daniel Litwin sat down with Brett Dean, business unit director for Fibrebond, to break down the growth of genset solutions, why emergency and back-up generators are evolving, and how […]

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Building a Better Bond: The Data Centers of the Future Are Already Built, Literally

  To build data centers efficiently, safely, and inexpensively, manufacturers are turning to prefabrication as an accessible, trusted, and standardized solution. Faster, cheaper, and safer are all great reasons alone to use prefab units, but sustainability is a growing issue at stake. In this episode of Building a Better Bond with Fibrebond, host Daniel Litwin […]

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Building a Better Bond: Prefabricated vs. Brick and Mortar. Is One Cheaper, More Reliable and More Efficient?

  Construction industry trends are causing a comeback for an age-old process: prefabricated construction. Not always a favorite within the industry, conceptions on prefabricated construction have slowly become more positive. Our guest today on this episode of Building a Better Bond explains why this is opening doors to safer, faster and cheaper construction. “With the […]

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Building a Better Bond: The Power of a Chaplaincy Program for a Faith-based Company

  Many companies are designed with values and virtues in mind. Fibrebond, a leader in the manufacturing of mission critical structures, is no different, considering itself built on a firm basis of Christian faith. It’s embedded into the company’s and the city of Minden, Lousiana’s culture, and actually had a significant influence on the founding […]

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Building a Better Bond: The True Impact of Data on Manufacturing

  Data is a powerful tool for many businesses, but collecting and analyzing it to drive change can be challenging. Especially in the manufacturing industry, where machinery and software pull an array of data points, how do you take that data and turn it into wins for your company? On today’s episode of Building a […]

Building a Better Bond: The Phoenix Behind the Bond, with Founder Claud Walker

  Claud Walker, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Fibrebond, a company that builds innovative and reliable structures that protect people and mission critical equipment, has hired hundreds of people over the course of his career. There could not be a more aptly named business for Walker, who believes that people are everything and […]