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Welcome to Click Connect Drive, a podcast by Phantom Auto exploring the benefits and use cases of remotely operated vehicles.


Creative Problem Solving in the Supply Chain Post-COVID

“It has merged into more of a headcount and workforce problem. So, how do we keep people coming and the lines rolling?,” he said. “It has been a challenge.” On our podcast, Ground Truth by Phantom Auto, our goal is to tell stories about the power of reimagined warehouse logistics, mobility and automation that speak […]

Ground Truth: Introducing Teleoperation for Industrial Vehicles

Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile. So, too, did Elon Musk. As automobile technology continues to advance, consumers are starting to see the next wave of technology, such as self-driving cars. But another new technology allows drivers to operate vehicles remotely, even from thousands of miles. On this episode of Ground Truth, a Phantom Auto podcast, […]

Issues Facing the Autonomous Technology Supply Chain in 2021 and Beyond

Today’s supply chain faces several compounding issues that were difficult to predict a year and a half ago. There are numerous short and long-term effects of COVID to deal with, as well as increasing pressure from growing consumer demands, challenges in implementing autonomous technology and a hiring shortage. On this episode of Ground Truth, a […]