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Into the Metaverse with Ori Inbar

The metaverse has grabbed the attention of people worldwide. The term frequently appears from television shows to movies and everywhere in between, bringing awareness of emerging technologies to the masses. Haptic Feedback host Dan Cui, VP Sales and Business Development, Shockoe, spoke with Ori Inbar, Co-Founder & CEO of AugmentedReality.org, to discuss how the metaverse […]

Choosing Where to Build an App: Cross-Platform or Web?

Tejendra Patel, the Principal Application Engineer at Westrock, joined Shockoe’s Kevon Adonis, Senior Developer, and Andrew Rumbley, Senior Mobile and Web App Developer, to shed light on when app developers should consider cross-platform vs. web when building an app. “With a cross-platform application, you’re writing code that’s going to match up to native elements,” Rumbley […]

Designing for Voice feat. Nathan Stratton of Vocinity

  Businesses are turning to digital assistants and chatbots to scale communications. But chatbots and digital assistants don’t necessarily replicate a human experience or provide a good experience in all cases. However, new voice and video interfaces are bridging the gap. On this latest episode of Haptic Feedback, Jamie Young, Director of Product Design with […]

Haptic Feedback: The Importance of Emerging Technologies in Business Applications with Dan Cotting and Dan Cui

  Data is accessible in so many ways, and now there are technologies that can drive an even higher ROI for companies willing to make an investment. Discussing these emerging trends, including AR, VR, and the metaverse, Haptic Feedback host Courtney Echerd spoke with Dan Cotting, Director of Emerging Technologies, and Dan Cui, VP Sales […]

Building Applications for IOS and Android

  For app developers, it isn’t always apples and oranges – or, in this case, Apple or Android. There are similarities and differences between developing applications for iOS and Android. To help host Tyler Kern clarify them, Kern enlisted the expertise of two Shockoe developers. John Surface leads the Mobile Development Android team, and Justin […]