Making the Invisible, Visible


The Science, Application, and Verification of UV-C Disinfection Systems

In this podcast episode of Making the Invisible Visible from Intellego Technologies, host Wendy Brady-Walling joins Steve Reinecke in a conversation about new applications with UV-C technology. In the healthcare environment, touchscreens, tablets, keyboards, and other sophisticated monitoring equipment have helped advance the quality of patient care. However, these same high-touch objects can risk spreading […]

UVC Sanitation Innovations and Implementation

  In this episode of Making the Invisible Visible, host Daniel Litwin welcomes Phone Soap co-founder/CEO Wesley LaPorte and Jared Elliot, Director of Global Sales. The three discuss how UV-C technology leaped from the corporate space to clean quickly and safely everything from businesses to classrooms. For years, UV-C has been at the forefront of […]

Revelando lo invisible en España: Cómo la tecnología UV-C está impactando al mercado europeo

Puntos críticos: La pandemia validó la tecnología UV-C para el mundo médico, y ahora se están encontrando usos en otras industrias. El mercado español tiene varios sectores donde los rayos ultravioletas tipo C puedes ser útiles. El ecosistema de tecnologías sanitarias será critico para la salud de gente en nuestros ambientes públicos. El último año […]

Supporting the Safe, Effective and Efficient Use of UV-C Disinfection in Healthcare and Beyond

UV-C light has been part of disinfection processes in healthcare settings for some time. Now, it’s becoming an essential tool in other environments as a safe and fast way to kill pathogens. But using UV-C effectively requires users to know if they’ve delivered a sufficient dose of irradiation to a variety of surfaces – and […]