On a Roll with Worthen Industries


On a Roll: The Right Adhesives for Roll Coating in Mattress Manufacturing

On a Roll seeks to answer the questions of, “Why roll coat?” and, “What adhesives should mattress manufacturers use?” Sharing his expertise is Steve Adams, Business Manager at Worthen Industries. In mattress manufacturing, consistent, fast-drying adhesive is imperative. Adams explained that doing this by hand creates inconsistencies in quality, higher costs and more labor. “Roll coating uses […]

On a Roll: A Look at Company Culture at Worthen Industries

Worthen Industries’ mission is to be an innovative partner to their family, produce endless solutions, enduring sustainability, go above and beyond in customer service, and ensure employee wellness and safety. And family is an essential value for Worthen because, in their culture, employees are family. Just ask Barbara Strickland, retired Product Development Manager from Worthen […]

Pulling Back the Curtain on Worthen’s R&D Process

When it comes to research and development, a chemist’s work is never done. And Ian Churcher, R&D Laboratory Manager for the foam fabricating division of Worthen Industries with 27 years at the company under his belt, isn’t expecting to stop innovating any time soon. “It’s never complete. I guess you might think, well, we’ll hit […]

Worthen Building On a Rich History of Adhesive Innovation

Innovation is always hard. Keeping on the forefront of the industry is even harder when you can trace your origin back to 1866. That’s exactly the case with the Upaco Adhesives division of Worthen Industries, which has its origins in the Union Paste Company that launched in the 19th century. Steve Adams, Business Manager for […]