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Lightning fast speed, simple operation, and powerful in-line finishing. This is Print Precision, a podcast from Digitech. Join us as we share our knowledge and expertise from over 30 years in the field of digital printing.


Great Resignation

The Great Resignation, Automated Solutions to the Hiring Crisis within the Printing Industry

Daniel Litwin spoke to Patrick Coldewey, President and CEO of DigiTech, about the automation hiring process within the printing industry. The conversation covered a breadth of points, including the Great Resignation, skilled workers aging out, and how smaller companies use automation [in hiring] to their advantage. The Great Resignation is not showing any signs of […]

Print Precision: Case Study Episode 1: New TruFire Customer That Has Just Received the TruFire LTX2 Printer

  Print Precision kicked off a four-part series with a case study on integrating TruFire into a small printing operation. Brett Sutton, President at Patriot Print Fulfillment, joined DigiTech’s President, Patric Coldeway, and Host Daniel J. Litwin a look at the one-year journey documenting TruFire printer’s adoption strategies. One week into the partnership, Sutton said […]

Print Precision: Color Management Part Two

“You’re better off making a new profile than re-linearizing, as that doesn’t solve color problems.” (Adams) Color is an essential aspect of printing. Managing it and ensuring it’s correct can be a challenge for operators. Ideally, print companies want high-quality color profiles that are accurate while also keeping ink costs down. Mike Adams, an expert […]

How to Find The Right Printing Machine and Solution

For our industry’s customers, getting face to face with the right printing machine is more troublesome than ever, with tradeshows out of the picture until at least April 2022. And if you’ve listened to previous episodes of the show, like such as with our friends at Sign Master and Parrott Printing, they reiterated the importance […]

What Makes for a ‘Cheap’ Flatbed Printer?

On previous episodes of Print Precision from DigiTech, we’ve covered a simple truth – quality is the cheapest thing you can offer your customers. There’s no substitute for a high-quality flatbed printer like the DigiTech TruFire, which allows you to eliminate rework costs, up printing speed without a dip in results, and more. However, not […]

Going Yard—How COVID Changed the Landscape for Yard Signage

A surprising trend during the pandemic that presented printing companies with opportunities was unexpected growth in demand for yard signage. Patric Coldeway, Founder and President of Digitech, and John Parrott, Vice President of Parrott Printing, explored this interesting side-effect of COVID-19 and provided context regarding how this opportunity made a difference for printers during some […]

Why Quality Is the Cheapest Thing to Send Your Customers

Price isn’t the only driver of satisfaction. While it matters for buyers of print products, they care about quality, as well. In fact, quality and affordability aren’t mutually exclusive. Additionally, representing quality every time leads to cost savings. DigiTech Founder and Owner Patric Coldewey joined this episode of Print Precision to share his thoughts on quality […]

Print Precision: Hot Takes on the Digital Printing Industry

The truth is that every industry has its issues. After all, people aren’t perfect. However, true industry leaders will do their best to change the status quo and make visible improvements to the market. With his vast experience in the field of digital and industrial printing, Digitech founder and president Patric Coldewey has seen areas […]

Print Precision: Understanding the Importance of Color Profiles in Digital Printing

  If you’re in need of enterprise-level digital printing, you’re going to need a color profile. And, as an end-user, it may be tough to understand what level of detail your color profile needs to be and how to choose the printing solution to meet those needs. But it’s important to do so. Making the […]

How Long Do Print Heads Last?

  One question print head manufacturers don’t want to answer is how long those print heads last. A better question might be how long should print heads last, or how long can they last? Patrick Coldeway, President of Digitech, knows the answer, and he wasn’t shy about sharing it on Print Precision. No matter the […]

What the First-Time Customer Experience Is like with Digitech

  Digitech has earned the loyalty of many of its long-time customers and keeps those partnerships strong with diligent service without mandatory service contracts. But what’s the new customer experience like working with the company? It’s something John Parrott, President and third-generation owner of Parrott Printing, which started using a TruFire machine this year, has […]

Manufacturing Printing Solutions for Satisfied End Users

  After 30 years of digital printing experience, how is the DigiTech Solutions Group’s TruFire Flatbed Printer making an impact for its clients? Patrick Coldeway, Founder & President of DigiTech, brought along an end-user of the TruFire digital printer, Tommy Trucks, Founder & CEO of SignMaster, to discuss it. The TruFire story was born out […]

Elevating the Customer Experience with Unmatched Service

    So many modern companies want to force customers to be loyal. In the printing industry, many look to lock customers into service contracts, saying they won’t be able to perform repairs if the customer doesn’t enter the agreement. That is not the DigiTech way. “We have the ability to service the printer long-term, […]