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Welcome to Roof Talks, a podcast by Fortis Warranty. Find out why our stakeholders, who we’ve helped defer more than $300MM in roof replacement dollars for and shown an average ROI of 71 percent, have entrusted us with more than 120 million square feet of roofing. We're moving the industry forward and challenging traditional approaches. Your roof protects you, but who's protecting your roof and guaranteeing its performance? Join us on top, here on Roof Talks.


Roof Talks: Environmental Roofs Drive Value

  With an older roof or one with an expired warranty, one of the first things business owners might consider is how to replace it. “Why replace an entire roof, if you only need to recondition a small percentage of it,” said Chris Evans, Strategic Accounts Manager for Fortis Warranty. “That’s one of the ways […]

How To Stay Ahead of Labor and Materials Shortages

The roofing industry is mired in a labors and materials shortage that’s making things challenging, to say the least – and not just for roofers. Organizations with vast roofing portfolios are also having to navigate the best plans of action for their assets. To learn how Fortis Warranty is helping the industry tackle these shortages, […]

Roof Talks: A Company and Culture as Energizing and Exciting as the Industry Changing Solutions it Provides – Fortis Warranty

  Fortis Warranty is now hiring key positions!  On this episode of the Roof Talks podcast, Rick Lewis, President and CEO of Fortis Warranty, and David Schupmann, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Fortis Warranty, sat down with host Sean Heath to discuss the type of personality that would thrive working with their […]

Roof Talks: Exploring Pros and Cons of Roof Asset Management Plans

  On today’s episode of Roof Talks, a Fortis Warranty podcast, host Tyler Kern went in-depth with Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Schupmann to discuss roof asset management plans for commercial roofs; the good, the bad and the ugly. Before roof management plans came about, building owners often made decisions about the commercial […]

Roof Talks: In the Aftermath of a Storm, Roof Replacement isn’t Your Only Option

  Be it a hurricane or hail gale, large storm systems can wreak havoc on roofs. In states where storms are an annual expectation, like Florida and Louisiana, yearly roof-replacement is simply not in the budget. But Dave Schupmann, senior vice president of sales & marketing at Fortis Warranty, said that a huge percentage of […]

Roof Talks: The One Big Mistake Building Owners Make When Going Solar

  Solar energy is growing in popularity as it becomes cheaper and more efficient. But what many homeowners and businesses don’t know is that a solar system installed on a roof, new or old, can void your roof warranty and potentially hinder the roof’s overall safety. On this episode of Roof Talks, we welcomed Dave […]

Dave Schupmann

Roof Talks: Commercial Building Roofs Can Make or Break a Sale

  Commercial building roofs are one of the most negotiated points when transacting a building, and can be the difference between a handsome profit or painful loss. On this episode of Roof Talks with Fortis Warranty, host Tyler Kern sat down with Dave Schupmann, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Fortis Warranty to discuss […]

Roof Talks: For Roof Warranties, It’s All About the Guarantee

  Any building owner wants a guarantee on the performance of roof repairs. They also desire warranties on the management of a long-range asset, their budget, and transferrable solutions that deliver a higher property value. However, they don’t always get these guarantees. Why? On today’s episode of Roof Talks, President and CEO of Fortis Warranty, […]

Roof Talks: Commercial Roofing Reconditioning Supported by Data-Driven Process

  When talking about the commercial roofing industry, the phrase data-driven probably isn’t used too often. However, that’s not the way that Fortis Warranty sees the industry. Fortis has been a pioneer in evaluating roofing and turning to data to deliver reconditioning plans versus replacement. On this episode of Roof Talks, we explored the Fortis […]

Roof Talks: A Leaking Roof Doesn’t Always Mean it’s Time to Re-Roof

  There are home warranties, car warranties, and service warranties, but what about coverage for one of the single largest capital expenditures in a building? On this episode of Roof Talks, host Tyler Kern sat down with Rick Lewis, CEO of Fortis Warranty to discuss how building owners can defer expenditures, such as replacing a […]